Kukuxumusu, winter collection 2002 mikel urmeneta / ramón arellano
I just couldn’t help myself. And on that November morning I once again pulled back the curtains and glanced out the window overlooking the patio. There he was, the abominable beast, sitting there all bare-chested. The smell of him filled up the whole block. Although he was unaware of it, his clothes had once again stunk him up for what he was. The hairy friend sometimes smelled of clean sheets, others times he gave off a whiff of onion omelette. Then there were the times he had an aroma of broken geranium stems. The odd day or two there was an aura of boiled cabbage that hung about him like a dodgy halo. The rogue had a smile that smelled of bread that day. I must admit that even I found it touching. He started to play around with the rippling folds of his belly skin. He imagined that the ripples, mounds and folds that his breathing caused were just the job to build a great big fairground. He had decided to bow down to the whims of the hundreds of buckos that had crawled out through his bellybutton. He himself encouraged the buggers out by wriggling his little finger in the hole.

As tradition demanded, he set the tamed beings out in four-formation on the skin of his tummy and entertained them with another story. The tale that day spoke of the migratory flight of millions of red cotton fibres. The journey happened winter after winter as the confused bits of thread followed a naked lunatic guide. The zigzagging racing trails of the man with algae-hair and the gusting wind caused the threads to entangle and form very strange drawings in the sky. They looked like characters out a delirious fever-gripped afternoon. That or something indigestion might cough up. Kiss-giraffes, hearts plugged into monkey columns, cats kicking out against the needle, shape changing wolves and nonsensical bats all tangled up in the air.

At the same time, year after year, the very same thing happened. Everybody knew that if they looked skywards, it was almost impossible to keep a grin off their faces.

Models: Dhaniel Gozni, Cris López, Adriana Sogtulakk, Constanza Sogtulakk, Joana Gerendiain.