graffiti: paint on the wall txo!?   I  txo!? It's eleven o' clock on a saturday morning in Atarrabia. A host of graffiti writers are gathering at the Frutal walkway. There are loads of backpacks and cans of soray paint littered on the ground. They've started to put the first touches to a what was a white wall. You still can't guess or see what the finished article will be like. There's still a long way to go. The end is still a long way off. For a while anyway. The young DVC group have organised their graffiti and hiphop day for the second year running. Early on in the day there is a graffiti display. In the evening there'll be an exhibition of break-dancing as well a hip-hop concert featuring El Meswy and El Chojin. Although there is no rule that says they have to go hand in hand, hip-hop music and graffiti almost always appear intertwined. According to what we've been told, graffiti has a history of its own and those who spray don't necessarily have to be rappers.
Graffiti writers, strangely enough, are not too pushed about exhibition days. They show each other photos of some of the stuff they've been decorating local streets with lately and that seems to stir them onto painting. Exhibitions are apparently not their natural habitat. They are much more likely to found in dark back streets in the small hours spray can in hand.
Unusual as it may seem, they feel much more comfortable in those kinds of surroundings. There seems to be too many people here.
In graffiti displays, writers bunch into groupd they'd normally paint with. Each group works on a piece of the wall to be painted. They join their spayed work to that of the others. Once finished, you can easily see, chromatically and style-wise, who has painted what and where. Two groups really stand out today; one who uses white and red and a whole load of styles, and another, who uses green and black in a more compact classic and wildstyle. Both of them are shit hot.
They'll spend the day decorating the wall with all the craetive ability they can muster. Tomorrow, you'll find them on walls any and everywhere or in the pages of any magazine.