The XIII Donostia fantasy and terror film festival koldo almandoz   We believe in the superstition behind the number 13, unlucky for some. It’s a great chance to enjoy the kinds of films two rhombi wouldn’t let us watch on the white screen at the Antzoki Zaharra "cinema paradise" when we were kids. Once again the yearly film and short film competition is in our midst. Surprise films. Special appearances. Interesting and carefully prepared releases. Abnormal beings in the seats beside us. Ah! There are also the two main sections:

German terror and fantasy films (1913 -1927)
German expressionism, worthy of its own place in the history of cinema, is one of the stars at this year’s festival. You’ll have the chance to see 15 films by Marnau, Fritz Lang, Lubitsch and Weine amongst others, on the big screen. Most of them are re-mastered versions of the old films. There’ll be the odd give-away in this section, too.

Perversely Latin America
Following on from the success of last year’s Perverse Europe, this year sees a section dedicated to sly and sleazy Latin-American films. In this section we get to see all the gross-frightening-locked away-porno movies made from the 60s down to our days. Homage will also be paid to director Alejandro Jodorowsky.

The Fantasy and Terror Film Festival, in keeping with its great traditions, will also drag celluloid monsters from the screens out into the streets. Out into squares, gardens and bars. That way your little daughter, boyfriend or father can mix with fellow monsters of their own ilk!