tex-mex for beginners pekos pantxinet   Tex-Mex was born in the border area between Texas and Mexico. Mexican immigrants in the States holding onto their own customs... Tex-Mex is both a fusion of gastronomies and a way of eating. Basically, Tex-Mex food was created by Mexicans who crossed the border in search of work.
Food has always helped immigrants all over the world to stomach the blow of having to leave their homeland. Due to the really hard working conditions at the time and to the fact that they had very little time for lunch, hand eaten Tex-Mex became the solution. In other words: the Mexican Sandwich.
The basic ingredient, as in gastronomies all over the world, is bread. Corn bread in this case. By mixing different ingredients together and adding them to the bread, we get all different kinds of dishes. Guacamole, Jalapeno pepper sauce, fried grasshoppers, quesadillas, tamales, burritos, fried meat and all the rest make up this style of cooking that is definitely not very healthy for haemorrhoids. We've neither the space nor the inkling to start dishing out recipes here. We will, however, tell you about a special Tex - Mex restaurant. Here's another excuse for you to give Mulholland Road and the City of Angels a visit.

el cholo
The restaurant El Cholo opened in Los Angeles in 1927. Mexican workers made up the clientele at first, but, little by little, it became a favourite eating spot amongst young Californians looking for something a little more exotic. You won't find any better food to accompany "chela". Tex- Mex restaurants began to spring up everywhere along with the appearance of the first "Mexican- Californian" generation. If you get a chance to go along we recommend you order their Cheese Pupusas and fajitas a la Bandera.
¡Y que viva Mexico cabrones!