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mulholland drive: a film on its way to cult status koldo almandoz   I  vertigo films Following the success of "A Straight Story", the American T.V. Channel ABC signed up David Lynch to film a T.V. series. Mulholland Road. That's a road up around Los Angeles. A winding, twisting road that crosses over the Santa Monica mountains. A cinematographic line that leads from the City of Angels to Hollywood. At night, however, Mulholland is a lonesome road. A mysterious concrete trail with no exits that leads nowhere.
They recorded a pilot show, and as soon as executives in ABC saw the final result they decided to axe the program. As surely as not, David Lynch ran his fingers through his hair, struck a match and slowly lit up a cigarette. He then more than likely got into his Cadillac convertible and drove off home. Home to make furniture in his garage just like any self respecting DIY maniac.
Meanwhile, as Lynch was getting himself covered in sawdust, Pier Edelman from Canal Plus saw his chance and bought the rights from the American T.V. station. His next achievement was that he convinced Lynch to write an ending and, in the process, they turned the T.V. series into a film.
In Mulholland Drive, just as in Twin Peaks, the story is centered on a woman with a problem. A woman awakens after a car crash suffering from amnesia in a place that is totally strange to her. She slowly remembers bits of her past life, thanks to a woman who wants to be an actress. "I wanted to capture those chunks of life we feel in an abstract way when I made Mulholland Drive. Cinema provides me with the strength and means to be abstract. I love sensations I find impossible to describe. I love the feeling of amazement provoked by sensations I'm not able to control. And I know I'm not the only one. That's why I make the films I make".
David lynch. The director you either love or hate. But he's always David Lynch. The creator of a cinematographic style and world. The man who captures decadence and existentialist pain on celluloid. Mulholland Drive was presented in the Official Section at Cannes and was on show at Sitges and The San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival. When will it reach local cinema screens? Who knows. It's a film by Lynch...