portuko ranpi    The pirate Patakon is said to have declared the following: ¨Take from those who have and give to those who don’t¨. Legend also has it that Patakon and his men and women usually hid their treasure in a secret cave at an unknown spot on the Basque coast.   It’s not a legend. Guided by the screeching of the seagulls, we’ve found the cave. And we saw the treasure hid there: walls filled with murals, skate ramps, concerts and many other types of artistic endeavours. They form an independent state. Based on a hippy-free philosophy of self-organisation with creativity as the principal font of inspiration, this group of costal pirates have built their hidden secret spot to suit their needs and desires. There is no crisis in this contemporary Santimamiñe. They are pirates, tattooed skins and they take orders from no-one. They smell the sea-spray in the morning and move around the slopes of the port. Here there are no offices, telephones, no supposed projects living off subsidies. They are pirates. We often label bankers, speculators, stock exchange dealers, multinational company executives, elected public representatives, etc. as pirates. There is absolutely nothing pirate about them at all. The real pirates are the ones who in this cave. The others… are bastards.