aquascaping uxeta labrit   The IAPLC (International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest) has been taking place since 2001. It has become the most important aquarium design competition in the world with a huge number of participants taking part. Fans of aquariums from all over the world (1342 last year) sign up for the competition in search of the million Yen prize with their little underwater glass worlds. Those awarded with prizes or who get a special mention are lauded and gain fame in specialised magazines, television shows and other such media. These aquariums cost serious money, however, and not just anybody can afford them. That’s why in the cities of Asia many people turn their TVs into fish tanks. There are a huge amount of DVDs on the market with all types of designs and templates that, at the flick of a switch, give that special elegant “Cousteau touch” to their TV aquariums. These tele-aquariums have numerous different screens, you don’t have to feed the fish, you don’t have to change the water, you don’t have to clean the glass… and you can sit back on your sofa and relax as you gaze at the fish from the seven seas of the world.