man or astroman? julen azpitarte   Surfing in space

In 1992 a peculiar bunch of extraterrestials drove their space ship into the Earth. More precisely, the space ship landed at Auburn, Alabama, USA. The crew decided to hide itself in the disguise of a rock'n'roll band, intending to infiltrate society, and called the group Man or Astroman? in honour of the crew members' double identity.

They started looking into North American popular culture and they were fascinated by 60's surf music. So they decided to play in that style, danced by teenagers who didn't know how to surf, and to play it dirtied up with a bit of punk and garage rock. They also fell in love with 50's and 60's science fiction, maybe they were homesick. So they started using samples from B movies and tv series. They also took their obsession with Sci Fi to their concerts, dressing like astronauts, playing theremin and using Tesla reels to decorate their stages.

After playing a few concerts, they came across the interesting name Estrus and brought out their first piece of work with that same name. There is no question that their most complete piece of work is a masterpiece of contemporary instrumental rock'n'roll with science fiction aesthetics. After bringing out two more discs, they signed with Touch and Go with the aim of reaching a wider audience. After this second lot of discs, they went back into space in 2001. But before that they did play at Bilbao's Kafe Antzokia. After being lost in space for five years, they came back to earth in 2006 to take part in Touch and Go's 25th anniversary in Chicago. Since then, they have been seen on various stages on our planet, amongst others at this year's Benidorm Funtastic festival. It seems they're lost in the cosmos at present. Who knows!