At the end of the year, there are always a few traditional publications: Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Christmas lights and Entzun music magazine's year book. Like every year, there are long, in-depth articles, photos, the best posters of the year, comics, a disk with songs by the year's most interesting groups ... We're not going to list all the musicians and contents in this year's number. It would take up the whole of this space. We'd just like to say that it's indispensable for music lovers and, as Father Christmas and the Three Kings are always mum or dad's partners, don't wait to be given it and get hold of it yourself.

fucking artists

xabier montoia

The book's worth getting just for the title. If the name beneath the title is Xabier Montoia, we reckon these short stories are compulsory reading. That's why we're telling you about it. We trust Montoia so much that we're recommending the book to you without even having read it. We're incredibly unprofessional. We admit that. That's what Montoia's fans are like, shameless.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica series

Robert Sabuda & Matthew Reinhart

As well as being books, pop-up books are great pieces of craft. The various collections that this natural encyclopaedia brings together are amazing. These paper "sculptures" produce some fantastic organ 3D effects. A striking way to show what natural science is. Watch out, as a contemporary saying puts it: ¨when you pop, you can't stop¨

fikzioaren izterrak

ur apalategi

The story in this book leaps out from reality to the dimension of fiction and from fiction to reality. As well as using humour and irony, the writer shows us mean, miserable characters. Some of the characters are so pathetic that we end up pitying them and understanding their behaviour. As with most books in literature, this isn't recommended reading for people who aren't interested in or who aren't familiar with these surroundings.