thebaldian: fu manchu    Fu Manchu lived in the court of the Chinese Imperial Family until defeat in the ¨Boxer¨ revolution forced him to flee the country.

He was head of the secret society Si Fan and, apart from slave-trading and drug dealing, his principal objectives were to wipe out Western imperialists (Any similarities there with Al Qaeda and Bin Laden?)

Nobody knows how old Fu Manchu was. Thanks to the Elixir Vitae he created, the years passed more slowly for him than for other mere mortals. Though lacking a moustache in the books, he sprouted one once he moved onto the silver screen.

Fu-Manchu did not like modern arms. For his evil doing he preferred animal poisons, disease-provoking chemical weapons and knives and other such silent arms.

His nemesis, Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie, are copies of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. (They really weren’t fit to tie their shoelaces however).

Fu Manchu’s daughter, Fah lo Suee, inherited her father’s intelligence and evilness. Hardly surprising then are her attempts to usurp her father as the head of the Si Fan secret society.

Fu Manchu has had a huge influence on other well-known baddies: Flash Gordon’s Ming, Bond’s enemy Dr. No, Dr. Zin from the TV show Jonny Quest, Wo Fat in the film Big trouble in little China, the comic Yellow Claw or Ancient Wu from the videogame True Crime.