piknik with paniks    When and how did the Paniks get together?
The three of us got together in 2003, we wanted to get back to the roots of rhythm... We were fed up of listening to groups who thought that copying made them a group, or who had too much great big dumb music culture, or who were made up of divas. Our idea was to get back to fun, rhythm and the basics.

Your songs go back to the roots and to primitive rock'n'roll. Why is there so much so-called "underground" music nowadays when so little of it's believable?
We are Panik, the earth only comes up to our knees, the rest of us is on the ground... we're more like goats than moles.

You've just released "Piknik". A special name... and the design's special too.
Nadia Barkatek (MAHA) did the design work. We really like her work. She took care of everything: the logo, the vinyl sleeve - that's a real luxury - the CD cover, the photos, the video ... She got the idea we had right away. The video for "Karramarroaren dantza" is quite something. Have look on Youtube!

What's this record like compared with the previous ones?
"Panik kontroversy" was the first one. There's a lot of anger on it, none of the three of us had much idea of how to play but we really wanted to smash things up. Musically, we were leaving our fingernail marks on the blackboard, and that's what we wanted to do. The lyrics were overlooked because they were in English. It's a pity, they're great lyrics, short and to-the-point. Most of the lyrics on "Panik Piknik" are in Basque or Spanish, but there are a few in English too. On the CD there are 5 extra songs sung in Bermeo Basque along with the "Karramarruen dantza" video. Musically, it's still pretty wild, there's more rhythm than melody, there's no individualism or any of that shit. There are 4 of us now with Sttuborn Daughters'Ainhoa and a load of other guests. David is one of the guests and he brought out
our Panik sound in his "Perrote Produce" studio; his girlfriend, Nerea, played the violin on "Avispa", Koldo played the harmonica on "Me and My Rithm Guitar" and, like on the last record, Igor's Destroyer Sax can be heard!!!

What do you get to eat and drink and what's needed on pikniks?
As it says in the lyrics of "Helburue oinarrixe", "take off your clothes and go back to the roots, that's what prisoners and children like best"

And while we eat, drink and enjoy the views, what can we listen to on these Atlantic cliffs?
"ye ye yack yackk ahhh ahh ahha ahhh uah uaw Zock ARGHH Ah ah ua ua umm yakk ARGHH"

I bet you can't wait to play it live, can you? Cos Paniks, there's no need to say that Paniks is a live band...

How are you going to spread the panic?
Unai from Bi Batean and David from MAHA, Pintalabios from Hala Bedi Radio and gigs at Planet 77 ... and if it weren't for a load of people who help us every day, "Panik Piknik" wouldn't have left the cave it came out from in the first place. SPREAD THE PANIC!!!