the baldian 31: Franz Reichelt    Franz Reichelt, the tailor who would be a bird.

On February the 4th,1912 the well-known Parisian tailor Franz Reichelt gathered friends and authorities together at the base of the famous Eiffel Tower.

For what? To show them his latest invention: an unusal parachute.

He had researched Leonardo da Vinci designs and he had then created a winged wearable parachute suit in his workshop.

Up the Eiffel Tower they went and the first thing they did was a test run with a dummy. The dummy plummeted and smashed into the ground.

Our plucky tailor declared that dummies couldn’t spread their arms and straight away made to climb up onto the balustrade.

Keepers at the Tower told him he needed a permit. Reichelt swiftly produced one from one of his pockets.

The document only granted the experiment permission to use a dummy. The tailor, nevertheless, had always intended to do the jump himself.

The whole event was filmed by two cameras, a massive luxury at the time. If you want to find out what happened to the tailor, look for the fascinating video on the internet.