Look around the corner

Quantic & Alice Russel with the Combo Bárbaro

Quantic and Alice Russel recorded their new project
in Columbia. After playing soul and funk together
for a period, they are now accompanied by Combo
Bárbaro for a hot Latin feel. Among the songs on
which South American music is most noticeable,
“Bogaloo 33” stands out.


Time and place

Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed meets The Pepperpots

Eli “Paperboy” Reed and The Pepperpots are among
the greatest of the new soul musicians. There are
four songs on the Time and place EP which they’re
recorded together, and they’re close to classic soul. They’ve recorded great versions of Lee Moses, Jimmy Lewis and Fontella Bass songs.


El camino

Black Keys

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, under the name
of Danger Mouse, have recorded the songs on
El Camino. While “Lonely boy” was a record for
dancing, they bring together blues, garage, rock
and soul on this record with songs such as “Dead
and gone”, “Stop stop” and “Hell of season”. Fast,
dirty, direct.


Hunted by the snake

Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon’s soul, forgotten among the Basque
rock of the 90’s, has been removed on Hunted by
the snake, their first record to be re-edited on
vinyl. Discos Crudos has brought out the strongest,
crudest record ever released in our country.


Hurry up, we´re dreaming


The project led by Anthony Gonzalez brought on the
2011 song: “Midnight in the city”. But, just as they
have a touch from the 80’s, this record has some
more hidden gems, such as “Reunion”. It’s as shiny
as epic work and full of emotion.


Father, son, holy ghost


Girls have brought out a perfect record with slow
and then intense songs. It also has easy singles like “Honey Bunny” but, in general, songs like “Die” and “Vomit” are typical of the record’s intensity. There are indie groups it’s worth listening to.