01x01    We’ll be able to see the new seasons of a lot of successful tv series in 2012. We’ve been missing
Mad Men for a long time now, along with Treme, The Killing, Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy, and, although the last series has helped us to carry on in a trance since then, we are still waiting to get back to the elegant Manhattan PR agency. Meanwhile, with great nostalgia, we’ve been remembering many series that are now in the
museum of tv series and which, we think, are quite unrepeatable (The Wire, Six Feet Under,
Sopranos,…). During our time, though, there are quite a few more on our aerial, important
series, as good as those older ones and getting better year by year (Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire,
Breaking Bad…). In this current flourishing of tv series, a lot of new offerings reach our screens every year. It’s usually great to see new series’ plots thicken and characters appear and develop. For tv series fans, it’s food and water to see which series are going to last, which will be taken off after three weeks, and the characteristics of the ones which are going to become cult favourites. Without taking new sitcoms into account, and following our tastes and intuition, we’ve chosen a few of the series which are going to be shown this year for the first time.
Alcatraz: J. J. Abrams’ new project. Disappearances and jumps in time no longer surprise us so much. But in this case that starting point seems attractive. They closed the prison on Alcatraz in 1963. They said that the prisoners had left the island, but that isn’t what really happened...

The River: A famous explorer of the Amazons disappears. They find indications that he’s still
alive and set out to find him ... accompanied by a tv crew. Blair Witch Project, Lost and The
Emerald Forest are this tropical cocktail’s ingredients.

Awake: A police detective loses his wife and son after a traffic accident. But the detective,
played by the talented Jason Isaac, wakes up every morning and carries on living with them. In
spite of what the psychiatrists tell him, he doesn’t want to leave what are real images for him
behind. It becomes a contemporary version of the mythical Solaris film.

Luck: Michael Man and Deadwood creator David Milch’s new project. Dustin Hoffman is the
leading actor and Nick Nolte and Denis Farina are his support actors. It’s set in the world of
gambling and betting. It has all the ingredients to be able to qualify for the Champions’ League
of tv series.

Touch: Kieffer Sutherland is going to have more than 24 hours, in this case, to discover why his
teenage son has never been known to say a single word. When they discover that he does talk,
but using numbers, they’re going to come across something else too. He’s capable of connecting
the past, the present and the future too. We don’t want to put our foot in it again with this new work by the creator of Heroes.

Smash: This series, which tells us the adventures of a group organizing a Broadway musical
based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, is going to show us some of the brilliance and miseries of
show business. Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston and Jack Davenport among the leading roles. Uma
Thurman appears in The Producers, which is about musicals, and she’s signed up for five episodes.
For those of us in love with Uma, they’re the only episodes of the series worth seeing.


Txalaparta editions brought out the book Telezailak: nork esan zuen telebistak
tontotu egiten duela? Six voices examine the tv series phenomenon from different points of view: gender, science fiction series, sex and desire, vintage tv series and the books people read in tv series are the main subjects. An ability to reply to contemporary events and movements that’s seldom
been seen in Basque cultue. We too often wait to see other people’s results and what they do before deciding what to do ourselves. That’s why we think that books like this show the way and are a good example to follow. Just like with tv series, we hope that there will be more projects like this about contemporary society and culture with every new season. Let’s see if more people follow this example.