John Talabot

John Talabot has released the record that the
electronica scene has been begging for over the
last few years. The artist that hides his face behind
tin-foil has produced an album that is a must-listen
from start to finish. It goes far beyond singles or
indivual album tracks. “Oro y sangre” is our favourite
but there are plenty of other black diamonds on
this essentail album.


Samba Hop

Tom Tom Makuts

Brazilian melodies have taken over the streets of
Vitoria-Gasteiz. The music of Tom Tom Makuts is a
melting pot of urban sounds: a mixture of hip-hop,
jazz and Brazilian roots music. This is the type of
instrumentally driven organic rap that showcases the
attitude, strength and character we have missed.


We walk around like this

Ray Lugo

Musician Ray Lugo just cannot sit still. The leadsinger
from New York band Kokolo has just issued his first
solo album. Before that, on the EP Bahia love, we
got a taster of what the songs on this album were
going to be like. The record encapsulates rhythms that
move from Africa to Harlem. There are some top class
international collaborations on the thirteen songs that
make up the record. This will get you moving.



Thee Brandy Hips

It’s hard to grab people’s attention on an ever more
boring indie scene. Well, San Sebastian band Thee
Brandy Hips have really managed to turn things on
their head with ripping guitars and sweet melodies.
The songs here carry a special energy and that gives
that special dimension to the record. They have
created the soundtrack to your life with the song
“Nerves”. Maturity? What the hell for?




Grimes proposes a trip to the 1982 film Blade Runner on this, her third album. I don’t know where these current pop experimentalists will end up; I don’t think they will be remembered as much as Ridley Scott’s film, but they are one of the clearest examples that
simplicity works.


Can´t kill a dame with soul


This record has been therapy to recover from a serious car accident the singer suffered in 2010 and is the second studio offering from improvisation-loving Kinny. With a pop, reggae, jazz and soul foundation, the music is very varied rhythm-wise. She’s backed this all up with an electronic base and her strong voice has come up with some pretty memoreable tunes.