a letter to moebius    In 1979 Federico Felini wrote a letter to the author of comics Jean Henri Gaston Giraud, ¨Moebius¨, who has recently died. The finest homage
we can think of is imagining what the friendship between those two great, special creators of images might have been like.
23rd June 1979

My dear Moebius,

Everything that you do pleases me; ever your name pleases me. In my film Casanova, I called the old
doctor-herbalist homeopathic half-magician half-sorcerer “Moebius”. It was my way of showing you my affection and gratitude, because you are so wonderful. I have never had the time to tell you how much or why. I hope I can convey that to you now.

I am in the middle of filming and as usual I am suspended in a feverish frenzy, perhaps this time even a bit more feverish than usual. I have a distinct feeling that I have yet to begin filming, yet at other times I feel as though I finished a long time ago. I live as if I am suspended weightlessly in one of your oblique universes.

I am sorry that this letter is a bit hasty and might tend to ramble on, especially because the joy and enthusiasm that your drawings exude demand of me great precision. Yet I find myself telling you of my happiness all at once.
Discovering your work, and what your colleagues do at Metal Hurlant. I immediately rediscovered a
poignant feeling I had as a child. I would wait breathlessly for each new issue of Giornalino della Domenica, wich ran “The Adventures of Happy Hooligan” and “The Katzenjammer Kids”.

What a great film director you would make! Have you ever thought about it? What is most astonishing about your work is the lighting technique you use, especially in your blackand-
white drawings. There is a wonderful phophoric, limelight, lux perpetua, solar-rimmed light effect
to your art.

To make a science-fiction film is an old dream of mine. I have thought about it for many years now,
way before the present vogue of these films. Undoubtedly, you would be the perfect collaborator, however, I would never call upon you because you are too complete, your visionary strength is too formidable. What would there be left for me to do?

That´s why, dear Moebius, I say to you:continue to draw fabulously, for the joy of us all.

Buon lavoro e buona fortuna.
Federico Fellini