ral y is not ral x x10
Our Town and City Wall censors are really doing magnificent work. Wonderful work that is, if their objective is to follow the latest expert recommendations on interior design that fill the pages of the weekend newspaper supplementary magazines. You know the stuff I mean, minimalism, abstraction, textures, bladdy bladdy blah... Almost certainly, on a subconscious level, they are coming up with a new type of street-level intervention when they paint over what they are wiping out. These untitled new works inspired by negligence and laziness remain behind on the walls as greying testament to these obliterating splotches.

Street artist X10’s latest work both condemns the “graphic cleansing” of walls and at the same time finds a new twist on the botch jobs left behind by local authorities. He has taken the proper care necessary, precisely the care those responsible for the work haven’t bothered
applying to their our labour. X10 carefully examines each cleansing and leaves a stencilled note to the cleansers specifying what colour should have been used on each spot for the patch to blend seamlessly into the rest of the wall; the reference for the same colour. “I hope they have found the corrections helpful. Really, they should correct their colour usage and so leave unblemished single-colour canvases that in no way precondition the new works that will undoubtedly
help us adorn these spaces once again.”