clouds...    There is one protest that we missed in the Olympic Games in China. It seems to be on fashion among Western vegetarians and liberals to defend the feudal theocracy of Tibet. Well, we would like to denounce something different: the cloud massacre by the Chinese government trying to avoid the rain. With this excuse, hundreds of clouds were attacked and destroyed. The Chinese have not been the only ones though. In the US they have also murdered an enormous amount of clouds.
Clouds appear in front of any race, religion and social classes, with no distinction whatsoever. You might argue that their lifetime is very short... well, they are unique and suggestive. The world would be very different without the clouds that show the atmosphere's character, shape and temper. But now, it seems that due to the human being's blindness and caprice, they might be destroyed. We are all witnesses of this murder. Until when are we going to bare this "cloudycide"?