host editor: judas arrieta    When I decided to go to China in 2005, people thought I was mad. Nowadays, many people think that taking that decision was an exploit and that I’m a pioneer, a bloke with balls. Seven years have gone by and I think they’re right. I’m mad. I’m happily mad. China is a marvellous country. People ask me to define it, to speak about what’s
happening here ... And I tell them there are flights for 500 euros and that they, too, can
do something crazy. China’s chaotic but, even so, everything works. It’s the “Far East”, as in the legend of “A City with No Name”, a place you have to go to: if you fall down there, you’ll never get up again. And it doesn’t matter if your life is easy or hard because Chinese people like singing and their life is one long musical. The Chinese are madeof rubber, they never break. As Beijing is a tough place to live, having super-powers there is very useful.

My life in Beijing is a commotion, I’m never still, I’m always doing a thousand things. During these years I’ve done many different types of work: tv series, exhibitions in galleries, museums and clubs, an actor in tv series, journalism, interviews with musicians, an artist, a model, a film-maker and so on... I’ve organised cultural events for embassies and many other institutions... but I’ve always had the same sensation: nobody pays me any attention. That’ll be because there are more than 20 million people in Beijing. And, in fact, foreigners like me are like ants for the Chinese. They won’t kick me out of the country because I’m happily married to a Chinese woman and I behave myself, not like
in my own country.

Most of the people in this magazine –artists, illustrators, designers, comic writers, writers, art critics and musicians– are people I admire, they my friends (I love you all!). They’re people who work in Beijing’s alternative scene, not because it’s cool or the most interesting thing there is, but just because it’s what’s befallen them. They’ll be at the highest places in a few years, and not thanks to contacts or patrons, but just because they’re very good. The subjects in the magazine are things I’m close to, strange things, based on my experiences in China. Things that have nothing to do with the stereotypes
about this country.

In end, I’m going to tell you my best-guarded secret. The main reason I’m still happy in China. Whenever I go back home, I sit on the sofa, turn the tv on and watch a Kung
Fu film! YEAHHHHHH!!!!