young artists and creators nio liu   I’ve been in touch with several groups of young artists in Beijing for some years now. Thanks to those contacts, I’ve been able to find out some
different meanings to the word “artist”. That discovery is a consequence of a reading of reality, and I’ve realised that not everybody who creates things is an artist. Amongst the people I know, many try to thread together contacts between young creative people and to create new art, but many of them are just enthusiasts, not actual artists.

Beijing is a city with a rich past and cultural heritage and almost all young people want to go there to experience new things. Most of the artists who live in Beijing try to understand their place in the world through their artistic activity: they want to express themselves through their art and become professional artists. “LVXIAO” (The Green School) is a group of young artists which was formed over the Internet 10 years ago. Its slogan is ¨Everyone can be an artist¨.

The group wanted to be independent and self-managing. A large group was formed and, in that way, they managed to develop a shared project in many places in China outside the usual official circuits (galleries, museums ...). And LVXIAO.COM was set up with the aim of sharing ideas and art, becoming a shop window to the world. The school brings amateurs and professionals together, but if what you want is to become a famous artist in Beijing, then this is not for you. What you have to do is visit museums, curators, critics and museum directors. And don’t forget to take presents and money with you on your visits. If what you want is to get rich, you’ll have a better chance of doing that if you open a restaurant.

The profits from young artists’ work’s in Beijing are negligible nowadays. Most of them can’t make a living from their work and they end up working
as assistants to useless but famous artists. I know they keep their dreams alive. Some people have become successful by giving their work a commercial touch and selling their souls. They say that they are independent artists, but they have sold their souls and they still don’t have girlfriends or money, and all they have left is their broken hearts ... Which is just what happened to that idiot Van Gogh.