the balde 66 presentation party at beijing    Because we use contemporary aesthetics and are
interested in images (which are still synonyms of vacuity
in many people’s opinions), some people still think the
balde is a magazine about tendencies. However, we
think we generally go against tendencies and trends in
our contents and in the way we organize our projects.
This number’s the clearest example of that. In most
relationships between western countries and China, the
intellectual property comes from the West and is put into
production in China. But we’ve thought up and created
the balde 66 in Beijing and produced it in the Basque
Country. To help us in this work, and as guest editor,
we invited the artist Judas Arrieta. The contributors
to the magazine have included Beijing artists, writers,
musicians and experts. On 15th September, at Beijing’s
MA Studio, invited by the Goazen Txinara artist project,
we presented Mambo Beijing and invited the artists and
other contributors to this issue to the presentation. It
hasn’t been easy to put this number together in China,
but working with creative people from the area has been