sticker bomb monters    We haven’t realised yet, but they’re already with us. The accidents which have happened at Chernobyl, Fukushima, Garoña and other such places have had no influence on politicians or bank executives. We do know, however, that cockroaches are highly resistant to radioactivity. In fact, those nuclear accidents have most affected illustrators, designers and, in general, all the sensitive souls who make drawings. As a result of that, and with hardly anyone realising, the streets of our cities have filled up with mutant monsters, which are hard to remove once they get stuck down.

Stickers have become indispensable in street art. They can be easily and cheaply made, you can put them in your pocket, and you only need a couple of seconds to be able to stick your art anywhere. Many graffiti artists use them as their calling cards and more and more other artists, illustrators and collectives are beginning to use this format. The people at SRK Studios have Jakarta there’s a real bombardment of stickers in the streets. And, instead of calling the authorities, they’ve sent artists a special invitation: to create a monster to be turned into a sticker. These are a few from the book Sticker bomb monsters: