hair barrels    Peroxide blonde hair, perfect white teeth, palm trees, sunny daybreaks, perfect bronzed bodies...all elements of the lifestyle sold to us by the surfing industry. Such is the happiness, the perfection, the whole summery buzz to it all that it can actually be quite menacing. It is, however, undeniable that the people in marketing have hit upon a goldmine with the whole surfing cliché. Surfing can be used to sell absolutely everything: cars, clothes, beer, banks...a whole bunch of stuff. Which is precisely why that we really love to come across anything a bit outlandish in such a straight-jacketed genre fashion-wise. It shows there is a whole other surfing buzz going on out there. The school-mom surfer, the bald plumber who totter along after work in search of the big wave, the old-age pensioner with a longboard, and above all, all these people who really don’t take themselves too seriously. That’s the kind of surfing we like. That’s why we really got a kick out of seeing surfers surfing some serious famous-people hair barrels.