idazten ari dela idazten duen idazlea

iban zaldua.

Iban Zaldua himself has stated that his recently released latest book is not a The writer defines it as “a reflection on literature even though this reflection is told through fiction.” As occurs in Christopher Nolan’s film Origin, the narrations are all linked together as if they were different layers of the same theme. There has been a lot a of literature about literature lately, but not many that have taken an original angle on the subject.



egile ugari

The “Kafea eta Galletak” (Coffee and Biscuits) project headed by Ibon and Leire asked dozens of people who weren’t musicians but were somehow connected to music to do the following: choose a record and write about it. This special and charming book that gathers together the texts is the result. We won’t go into the texts here, they should be read. We would, however, like to highlight the choice of paper and design for the book. A real joy for paper freaks.


xabiroi 27

Seven years. Euskal Herriko Ikastolen Elkarteak (The National Federation of Basque Schools) have managed to prickle our attention with Xabiroi for the last seven years. Habekomik, Ipurbeltz and Napartheid are long gone. Weep if you so wish. The rest of us will just carry on reading Xabiroi. Not only does Xabiroi bring together some of the cornerstone writers and illustrators in The Basque Country, it also has two permanent
essential features. On the one hand, Komikitaun; here illustrators are showcased and fans, professionals and amateurs give some very interesting viewpoints. On the other hand, the ‘News Desk’ feature has managed to bring together and spread word of the Basque comics community handsomely.


rgb colorspace atlas

daniel e. kelm and tauba auerbach.

The advantages of digital books when compared to traditional ones are many. They take up scant space, they offer lots of different possibilities, you can keep them anywhere, they are great for travelling and all you have to do for them to work is charge the battery. Exactly the same as the difference between a vibrator and a real partner for sex. This handmade, painted book offers the every RGB colour there is. All the colours your eyes can take, a real orgy of hues. Enough to make you come.