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paper toys    The craze for paper vinyl toys is a long time story. People from Hong Kong started first creating and producing vinyl toys from different designs by graphic designers and illustrators. Later, they would be spread out to the world, at least, to the first world. However, these toys are expensive and soda is needed to create a collection of these. Their creators and collectors prefer to call them "art" and prices depend on this too. Nowadays, we don't need a lot of money to enjoy these toys created by a designer or an illustrator. We only need Internet, a printer, scissors and the wish to do it and here we have paper toys. text and exclusive paper-toy: txo!?

Those ancient cutouts are back; dressed in current designs and linked to the Internet era. People create toys and load them on their websites so that other people can download them. As a result, there is no distribution cost and therefore, the delivery is free. The amazing thing is the use of the capacity of Internet to download a toy because it will materialize first in our printer and in our hands later. However, the truth is that we are downloading from the net a object in 3D. Even if this is a matter of a near future, paper toys is a current affair.
So, now you can visit these sites that we have recommended. You have to search, print, cut and enjoy the toy invasion in your house. We want to help you in this invasion and make things easier for you. You can let your printer rest, take some scissors and make a toy with this magazine's paper.

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