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the baldian: issei sagawa    Issei Sagawa was born to a wealthy family in Kobe on 11th June, 1949.

On 11th June, 1981, while a student at the Sorbonne in Paris, he invited his classmate Renée Hartvelt home to celebrate his birthday.

Back home, he picked up a shotgun and shot his Dutch classmate in the neck.

After violating the corpse, he tried to take a bite out of its behind but realised he couldn’t and so he took a knife and cut out the softest bits of the corpse.

When they arrested Issei, he said that Renée’s flesh was soft and had no smell, like the best bits of tuna fish.

The lawyers taken on by Issei’s father managed to have him declared mad and put into an asylum.

Shortly after that he was extradited back to Japan. In 1986 Japanese doctors said that he wasn’t mad. Because of legal gaps in the law, he was released.

Since then he has lived in Tokyo and sometimes is invited to speak on the tv and writes about gastronomy in Spa magazine.