angel luis lara aka ruso    We have had a guest editor for this number. We have
followed his recommendations and used his ideas to put this number together:
Angel is a sociologist and a script writer. He came to New York six years ago. He’s lived through the arrival of the first black president to the White House, James Gandolfini’s death, the ¨Occupy¨ hype, the hipster’s invasion and punishment, the Brooklyn Nets artificial market operation, the wonderful Breaking Bad, the Tea Party’s metastasis, the collapse of the federal government and the ups-and-down on Wall Street in 2008. The consequences of the latter event made him put himself in the shoes of an immigrant with no chance of going home and outside the social network. Living in New York with US citizenship. His english speaking Brooklyn-born daughter thinks that churros and potato omelettes, along with the smell of garlic, come from an exotic land.

He loves and takes part in the local culture, from peanut butter to Dead Prez, Studs Terkel and Coney Island Cyclones, Angel is a teacher at State University of New York and The New School. As well as teaching culture and social studies methods, he’s had first-hand experience of university’s dark future in the very epicentre of neoliberalism. He’s obsessed with television stories and other types of fiction and teaches at the Jacob Burns Film Center-Media Arts Lab and directs a community narratives programme in which he learns everything he can from illegal immigrant families ( He was brought up in Moratalaz, Madrid, in a family with a filia for Ceausescu and admiration for Ana Belen. Angel quickly learned not to trust the left and political parties, spoke up against liberals and options that looked straightforward. And he became so unconventional that he went to study archaeology at Moscow’s Lomonosov State University and, in the years he lived there during the decline of socialism and in between trips to Siberia, got to know the country’s plains, boundaries and magic realism. In The Diaries of Lolito Cohete (an unfinished digital novel by instalments), he talks about his extreme
experiences in the Soviet Union (

When he went back to Madrid and worked as a translator for the Gorno-Altaiko Republic agro-industrial programme, his enthusiasm for walking outside the tracks made him refuse to do military service and he spent two years on the run, getting involved in all sorts of things, amongst other things a band with which he released four records and went on many tours over a four-year period. (

After working as a vedette he started studying again and spent two years at various French and Italian universities, then going back to Madrid where, along with some other fools, he created Ladinamo project (, got lost in the Lacandona forest with Emiliano Zapata’s grandsons and, above all, wrote scripts. Since then he’s written a few documentaries and also unconfessable tv ads and series. Obsessed with tv stories, he’s become a teacher at the International Cinema School at San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba) and the Lugar de Cinema tv and cinema school (Brasil). He is one of the founders of the Kayros project, (, which teaches how to
make audio-visual narrative projects.