manhattan geology    Sociology and geology become one in New York City. The transparency of the city’s social structure is both significant and almost alarming. In the same way that geologists slice into the earth, on the subway that cuts through the city from the south to the north, as you travel further north different social
spheres, races and classes become clearly defined.

While it may seem contradictory to state that to see what’s happening above ground you need to go underground, it’s a great way to see the character and make-up of the inhabitants of New York. Just jump on Line 1 at the station on Broadway in the financial district and observe the people getting on and off as you ride the train to Washington Heights in North Manhattan. That’s all you’ll need to do to quickly surmise where the different social classes live in this city. Just listen to what language the people in the carriage are speaking, see what stops the tourists get on and off at, how skin colour changes at different stops,...