dating NYC    Relationships are certainly no piece of cake in the Big Apple. If making acquaintances is hard, what to say about finding love. Practically a miracle. It’s easier to find a sexual partner than to find somebody you can develop a deep loving relationship with. Truth be told, when we heard it put that way, we thought that somebody was pulling our leg. But, my friend, it is indeed true. That reality does exist in New York, so look no further. That said, it’s not all as clear-cut as it seems. Loving relationships take too much time and energy and these are pretty valuable and valued commodities in this town. There is no room for surprise. And don’t go
thinking that a short-term relationship leaves much space for relaxation either. It’s easier because there is less commitment, true enough, but there is also a certain element of risk involved. Don’t forget we are in New York, almost certainly home to the highest number of people who walk around the streets of the city talking to themselves.

Wasting time is a sin, so that is why you’ll find so many different places and agencies that offer dating services. Just pop ‘dating New York’ into any search engine and you’ll see what we are on about pretty fast. If the internet was a revolution in the world of short and long-term relationships, the generalization of smart phones has taken it to a whole new level. When Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan made When Harry Met Sally in 1989, their characters would meet on the streets of New York, in its bars and exhibitions, and at the social gatherings of mutual friends. 10 years later, with Crystal long forgotten, Ryan would electronically fall for Tom Hanks in You’ve Got a Mail’. But since then things have changed even more. Much more. Take a peep at the dating recommendations that appear in the NYC Dater’s Handbook.

1- before the date

Google Voice offers you the chance to hide your real telephone number by using another.(google.vom/voice). So, in this way you can check on all the calls and messages you get on your phone but your real number will never be revealed. This will help you avoid a whole heap of potential problems before you even start. However, if the relationship does prosper, at some stage you are going to have to come clean on the camouflaged telephone number.

This timely service will kindly inform the pain in the ass that has been bugging you with calls for dates you have no interest in. You won’t even have to answer the phone to them. There are a lot of options for you to choose from; from the humorous or neutral tone to the more aggressive. All you have to do is choose the message you want from Rejection Hotline. This is the one in New York: Rejection Hotline’s New York Branch (212-660-2245).

2- during the date

Uncomfortable silences can ruin a date. So, prepare a list of topics for those uncomfortable moments before you go on a date. If you use up all of them too early, don’t worry, there are saviours at hand in the form of phone apps (the Conversation Starters app is available for free for both iPhone and Android.) It offers more than 100 questions that will help fan the dying embers of a romantic date back to life.

In the past, a quick trip to the toilet and a secret phone call to a friend to get them to call you 10 minutes later was one strategy used to get rescued from a dying date scenario. Now, friends, you have lots of different options ready to stand in for that old trusted friendly phone call. The latest one is called Bad Date Rescue (free for iPhone), and what you do is you previously programme an ‘emergency’ call from your Mom, boss or neighbour. For a further 99 cents, you can chose from an extra five different excuses. If the situation really gets into bad emergency territory, you can opt for the ‘quick rescue’ option and you’ll get your call from 5 seconds to 5 minutes later, whatever you choose when you programme it. Android users can avail of the same type of service from the Fake-call Me Free system. Fake ‘em Out is also available for iPhones at the cost of 1 dollar.

3- after the date

Sometimes it simply just doesn’t happen. Nobody is to blame. Your date is not what you were looking for, or, indeed, you yourself have been found wanting. Accept it with style. If your date is a nice person, send them a message thanking them for the date and wish them luck for the future. If, on the other hand, the person was a dickhead, they really don’t deserve another moment of your time. If pushed, you can send them a little card showing how unpleasant the experience has been for you: an ironic Someecard (