la vida en una cuchara-remolacha

miguel rocha.devir

It is hard to compete against this last comic by the Portuguese Miguel Rocha. His drawings look for new and artistic paths. It is one of the most colorful and artistically appealing piece of work we have seen in a long time. Each frame is an independent painting. The drawings are wonderful; there is an influence of magic realism which helps narrating the story and creating a special and unique atmosphere.


zeuk aukeratzen duzu.

The leaders of The Evangelical Church of Gipuzkoa might have their souls guided towards heaven, but in order to attract believers, they have used very earthly strategies. And we say it as a compliment because their hybrid triptych-pastiche-comic is very attractive. We already received our shot against religion, but we can't deny that this flyer's dark humor is very contagious.



frederic beigbeder.anagrama

It is not a new book, but what can we say, we have just read it. Besides, we hardly talk about new book releases here. We prefer to talk about books that surprise us or are simply worth mentioning. We are introduced to the guts of contemporary marketing world by one of those French "enfant terrible"-s. We know that the marketing world is false and corrupted, but it is good that we keep on remembering that, just in case.


zertaz ari garen maitasunaz ari garenean.

reymond carver. elkar+alberdania.

Carver is one of the best known North American writers of the last century. His literature is not universal, it's western literature. One has to know about western society and personal relationships in order to understand the pain and frustration hidden in his stories. Carver's writing is so sharp and exact that we always see his face whenever he describes his characters' miseries. It is also worth mentioning Koro Navarro's translation, she transmits Carver's universe very easily.