pallozzi stadium gates    Every time the gates of the Francesco Pallozzi Stadium in the city of Sulmona in the province of L´Aquila are opened, they close off a view of real beauty at the same time. That’s what came to mind when we these gates. The Pallozzi Stadium is a small one, similar in size to any other sports stadiums we see in our big towns and small cities here. The Sulmona stadium, however, refuses to submit to current architects who would like to leave their mark on the building. It still maintains its character and charm. And it is the gates of the stadium that are mostly responsible for this character and charm.

We didn’t really need to dig deep to discover the story behind the gates. They were made in the 1930s, the period when athletes began to become national stars. The fascist Italian regime championed art and a "never-ending Spring of beauty". These gates are an incomparable example of this. Sculptor Ulderico Conti made these beautiful gates with wrought iron and a chisel and the gates prove that the "never-ending Spring of beauty" is above any given ideology or school of thought.