sodalicius SODAlicius
From our first meeting in 2007, we knew that we were going create something together. We could feel it. We love the same kind of things, music, raw interiors, graphic arts and of course... recycling. Our scrapbook style is simple. We like to use old magazines, newspapers. We try to give them a second life through our work. We like raw art. One day we decided to create a brand which inspires us. Which shows what we really like. And that’s how SODAlicious came into being.

We wanted to create an art journal which would travel with us on our holidays, workshops etc. An art journal which could adopt all kinds of notes and souvenirs connected with our journey. We are the first brand in Poland which introduced art journals to it’s offer. Because it inspires us, we love this form of showing our emotions. We want things to be unique and original and we make it from the bottom of our hearts and we spend all of our time on it.