augmented reality txo!?   When virtual reality was created, the objective was to immerse humanity in a digitally-created reality. Cinema and literature have come with innumerable stories based on this hypothesis and these stories have often spoken of an inseparable real world and virtual reality. Meanwhile, we have all waited with fear and hope for it to become real. Nowadays, it seems that things are moving in a different direction. Now, rather than us becoming part of a virtual world, we take the elements of the virtual world that interest us and we insert them in the real world. This way we add to our reality. This is called Augmented Reality.

In this augmented reality, things don't just appear in the real world out of thin air. What happens is the following: The real world or the physical reality is filmed and once the virtual element has been added, we see it on a screen or by using special glasses or other special viewing technology.

Computers use special software as well as cameras, sensors or other elements to map real physical movement and position. To give you an example; if you place a virtual apple in your hand and you move your hand, the virtual apple cannot remain floating in the air, it must continue to be in your hand. If you turn your hand around, the apple should turn in the same way to create the illusion that it's really in your hand.

The technology developed towards this end has so far been mainly used for entertainment purposes. But in the future, it will be able to be used in surgery, education, architecture, emergency services, maps and GPS or any other position reading devices. Can you imagine looking at the engine of your car and a little explanatory note on each and every piece there appearing in front of your very eyes?

Sometimes it's hard to grasp these concepts and it's better to actually see them: