creating super heroes
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Thanks to this tool-toy, which allows those of us who aren’t good at
drawing to create and draw super heroes and their arch enemies, and
thanks to its changeable plastic pieces, we can play at being Lee, Eisner,
Siegel, Kirby, Mignola, Moore or Miller.
But coming up with a super hero is more than just doing the drawings.

Steps to Create a Super Hero:

1- Choose your superhero’s powers.
2- Decide how the character got those powers.
3- Think about how the powers have evolved.
4- Give your superhero a tragic flaw.
5- Flesh out your character’s superhero personality and an everyday personality.
6- Determine the community’s relationship to both the superhero self and the everyday self.
7- Name your superhero.
8- Design a costume.
9- Give your superhero a trademark or two, a symbol or logo.
10- Decide whether or not to give your superhero a sidekick/team.
11- Decide if your superhero has any main enemies.