quay bros    the siblings who dreamt filming nightmares. Do Siamese twins share the same dreams? The body part that they share willobviously be decisive when answering this question. And what about other twins? Do they have the same dreams? When they visualise something, do they see the same image? While we don’t have a scientific answer to this question, the cinematographic cryptophasia of the Quay twins comes to mind.

The Quay twins, Stephen and Timothy, don’t share any body parts. When they dream, however, they share their dreams: the mysterious tales and stories from Eastern Europe; the weird cartoons they watched in childhood; the old world they discovered when they left their native America to go to London to study Fine Arts; esoteric dreamlike landscapes; the fantasy stories of writers like Kafka, Calvino, Schultz and others… The Quay twins are cinema craftsmen. They do absolutely everything in their films. They haven’t changed the way they work since they started in the 70s. The make puppets, costumes, sets, lights, do the camera movement, editing… they carry out the whole process. Like a double god, they film the worlds they create in their minds. They normally work in the short film format and amongst many, The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer, Street of Crocodiles and In Absentia, Inwentorium sladow films are an ideal way to become familiar with these twins’ personal universe. But be careful. Once the Quay brothers have pierced your retinas, they will scorch themselves indelibly into your nightmares.