pinhole x10
Yes, it's possible to make a pinhole camera out of a matchbox and to take pictures with it. Without using a lense, just making use of the light getting through a pinhole, a matchbox, black tape, a couple of film rolls and little more. Check it out here:

To take a photo just uncover and cover the pinhole, that's all. And to see the images once the film has been finished have it developed and done. So simple and still giving so many options: playing with aperture time depending on light conditions, capturing movement, creating ghost-like figures,... I, for example, built my camera using two matchboxes and for each photo I take can choose using the pinhole either on the usual or backside of the film. If color film is exposed through the non conventional or backside pinhole redscale images are obtained.
The charm of building it oneself, playing and obtaining unexpected results.