thebaldian: leif garrett    Leif Garrett was born in 1961 in Holl ywood.

His father seldom came home and his mother raised and kept the family. She started taking the children to casting sessions. The Hollywood way!

Leif got his first role in a horror film called Devil Times Five. He played a schizophrenic teenager who becomes a murderer at a ski station.

He appeared in a lot of B-movies and tv series in the 1970’s. He tried meth. He soon became a teenage girls’ idol and a bedroom poster star in the States.

He also sta rted a musical career and brought out a lot of singles and LPs. He was very successful in Spain and sang on Aplauso on many occasions wearing leopard skin trousers.

But at the end o f the 80’s his fame waned. Unlike his drug habit.

He was also an enthusiastic Scienciology, but he got tired of that and gave it up. His love story with drugs carried on.

He spent the following decades in and out of jail and detox programmes. He played a tour in South Korea in 2013. He’s still alive today. Surviving.