recycling community maga salati   I  maga salati Apparently, “if the whole world consumed in the way the Basque Country does, three planets like the Earth would be needed to produce everything.” It’s an astonishing affirmation: frightening.

We know that we consume a lot: too much. We also know that we don’t use many of the things we consume in the way they should be used. And we also know that, in the end, those things end up in
our attics, garages or just anywhere; they rot while they could still be used. And by things we mean many different types of objects: clothes, furniture, prams, toys, disguises, small electrical appliances, books, mountaineering things... “I’d give this to somebody, but I don’t know who...” is something we often think. And, often, because we don’t know who to give it to, we throw it into the rubbish bin and forget about it, even though it’s in good condition and usable.
Now there’s an opportunity to recycle those things, a chance to find somebody to give them to. It’s on the Internet and it’s called You can look for everything you need there and offer things to whoever visits the site. You have to fill in a simple form and profile to be able to advertise your things and look for things. It’s easy and quick. Users interact and don’t need intermediaries. They choose when, where and what to swap. What’s more, they can take part in forums depending on geographical or other types of proximity. It’s a community created by visitors and friends, a
website they invigorate with their contributions.

New things will be available to all on this platform, which is fed with a continual flow of information. And everyone’s a winner. We have to adapt to new times: second-hand, swapping and
sharing things are current tendencies. In fact, and in addition to the obvious advantages of this way of working, there is another advantage: second-hand selling and buying, swapping and gifting makes you feel better, and that makes you happy.