thebaldian: katy kane    In 1956, when the word was spread that Batman was gay and that his adventure comics were gay propaganda, the publishers DC Comics created the character Kathy Kane (Batwoman).

Kathy Kane was the boss of a circus and skilled as

Once public perception of Batman’s heterosexuality had been assured, Kathy was enlisted in the Armed Forces and she was made disappear from DC comics.

She served in the American Army but once the policy of “Don´t ask don´t tell” was done away with, she had to decide whether to remain silent or come out and tell the truth.

She opted for the truth. Out of the wardrobe she reemerged and returned to Gotham to aid Batman in his crusade against crime. Theirs is solely a professional relationship.

She cracked down on a lot of criminals in Gotham City and she had a quite a bunch of lady friends (Rene, Montoya,...).

Now she is close to Superman’s friend, reporter Maggie Sawyer.

The first collection of comics starring Kathy Kane will be published this year.