ur: the rain book

juan kruz igerabide, oihane igerabide, elena odriozola.

This is a book with a special format: we’d call it a work of art. A great publication with poetry, colours and invisible paper. And, above all, a book which it rains on. Open the box with the book in it and you’ll find all types of rain in it: letters which describe it for us, for one thing, and types and colours of rain in drawings for another. A present for all lovers of the rain and object-books.


tunelak, izarak, mozorroak eta bafleak

josu martinez

There wouldn’t be any break-outs if there weren’t any prisons. And there wouldn’t be any need for prisons if the need and the desire to get away weren’t in our genes. Josu Martinez’ book is about 10 escapes connected with the Basque conflict. He doesn’t limit himself to newspaper cuttings and draws a full map of each break-out. Martinez’ entertaining, easy-to-read book shows us how diverse the scenery and people involved in escaping are. If it were legitimate to get away…



patxi zubizarreta mintxo cemillan, joserra senperena

Since he published “Joan”, it seems that Patxi Zubizarreta has devoted himself to creating book-record-illustrations. This time he’s been accompanied by musician Joserra Senperena again. The previous book was illustrated with Thomas Canet’s photographs; this book comes with Araban artist Mintxo’s illustrations. We don’t know if these books make any sort of a profit, but, just looking at it, we have to ask readers and listeners to thank the creators and publishers.


estacion espacial deseo

ralf könig

Ralf König gives us Konrad and Paul’s –our favourite couple’s– latest adventure in his new book. This time he takes the large noses which his pencils creates to the future, to 2021. In this science fiction story we will discover, in this mixture of a comic and a newspaper, that sexual desire persists even when there’ no gravity. And that in the future, too, keeping a relationship going is tough. König offers frivolity, rough humour and deep emotions, but his aim’s always to entertain and he never lacks a sense of humour. Master König has managed to create his own style and uses contemporary styles as he wishes.