thebaldian: jeanne baret    Jeanne Baret was born in the French village of La Comelle in 1740. Along with many other achievements, she was the first woman to circle the globe.

In 1766, disguised as a man, she set off on Louis Antoine Bougainville’s expedition as the botanist Philibert Commerson’s assistant.

Two years later, they discovered that she was a woman and they left both her and Commerson on the island of Mauritius. Commerson died in 1773, and Jeanne was left there on her own.

She opened a cabaret bar in Port Luis. She met a French official there and married him. The couple returned to France and that was how Baret became the first woman to circle the globe.

She carried on travelling all over the world and collected over 6,000 species of plant. Baret catalogued more than 10,000 species, 3,000 of which were new at the time.

Unfortunately, those charged with recording history condemned her to oblivion, and it remained so until Glynis Ridley wrote the book The discovering of Jeanne Baret in 2010.

Commerson named a plant after her, Baretia bonnafidia, but academics at that time changed it to Turraea heterophylla. The biologist Eric Tepe, in homage, has named a recently discovered species, Solanum baretiae, after her.