glasweegee: pure street photography
Stag Nights and Hen Parties are not farewells; they are simply a common outof- control party ritual undertaken by friends and those about to be married. A pagan festival that we wear fancy dress for. Where we eat till we are fit to explode, drink till we are blind and drug ourselves into outer space… It’s as if it were Halloween, so commonplace has it become all over the world, and there is certainly very little mystery to it: you grab a feel of arse of the evenly waxed heavily-hung dancers, covered in sparkly cream and wearing a scanty loin cloth; you all head out on the town proudly attired in your penis-crowned tiaras bought at the local pound shop; you shiver your head in the metallicpainted shiny breasts of a stripper; use little pots of cream in simulations of giving head...just one classic after another.

Nicknamed “Glasweegee” after his city of birth, Glasgow, Dougie Wallace has spent many a full night out in the streets with his camera. A fine portrayer of human behaviour, at first glance his work skilfully captures irony, absurdity and humour. If you take a second non-judgemental look at what he portrays, you will also see a reflection and criticism of the society we live in. In his book Stags Hens & Bunnies, a Blackpool story, Wallace offers a personal portrait of the epicentre of pre-nuptial farewells that is Blackpool.