modubat: a way for fashion
The Modubat Project has come about because the designer Katalin Antxia believes fashion can be a social influence. They are not just clothes, but also a medium for fashion. They have chosen the name Modubat (Oneway) because they believe the two words represent a better understanding of the world. This is because everybody has one way of doing, enduring and giving things, a way of living. And in this case here; one way of understanding aesthetics. In order to remove conscience from aesthetics, so it does not pummel our minds relentlessly, this project aims to enforce a conscientious fashion, sustainable in the widest sense of the word. From an ethical perspective, the clothes are made in appropriate labour conditions in the first world. The material is afforded the importance it deserves and is carefully chosen for the minimalist classic designs so typical of Antxia. “We must not forget that the garment is also a way” says Antxia.

production:: iker iglesias (photographer)
photographer: iker iglesias
photographer’s assistant: leire san vicente
models: jose ares, tatiana imbrecht
clothes: modubat
styling: katalin antxia
hair and make-up: littas beauty builders
footwear: wandel, petrucha
accessories: itziar ugarte optika
assistance: sara beloki, resu abasolo