thebaldian: candy candy    Candy was found abandoned on the shore of Lake Michigan on the 7th of May, 1898. She was brought up in the Pony Orphanage Institute.

Her troubles started when her childhood best friend Annie went away to live with the family that had adopted her.

She was then taken in by the Leagan family and it was at that time that she would meet her first love, Archie.

The couple was joined by Terry. Candy, unable to choose between the upright, reliable Archie and the rebellious Terry, taught many of us children the meaning of the word “trio” back then.

In Italy, they were so shocked at such a dramatic ending (love did not conquer all) that they chopped together bits of different scenes in order to make up another ending.

Candy Candy was created by writer Kyoko Mizuki and
manga illustrator Yumiko Igarashi in 1975T The TV series was broadcast until 1979.

Since 1998, the TV show has not been able to be shown because of a legal dispute between Igarashi and Mizuki.

Since then, Mizuki has been allowed to write Candy
Candy stories but he cannot use illustrations. Igarashi, can draw stories but he is not allowed to use the name Candy Candy.