In colour

Jamie XX

Jamie XX has shed his habitual dark clothing and donned colourful new clothes for these songs. The album is the result of several years’ work and he makes room for everyday things on the record (snippets of dialogues from TV shows is an example of this). There are plenty of collaborators featured, his band mate Romy from The XX on the excellent Loud places being one worthy of mention.


Quema, quema, quema

Kanaku y el tigre

It’s been five years since Peruvian band Kanaku y El Tigre released their album Caracoles. This new record is a mixture of folk, pop, traditional music and psychedelia. Nicolás Saba and Bruno Bellatín’s band have some heavy-hitting collaborators on show (Leonor Watling, Pamela Rodriguez) on these solid tunes. The Argentinean Liniers designed the cover.



Bomba Stereo

Bomba Estereo’s mixture of cumbia and electronica have led them to the dizzy heights they occupy today. They have left behind the mestizo melodies on the likes of Fuego and electronica has taken on a larger presence in singer Liliana Saumet’s band. The single Que bonito signalled this change and it continues on songs such as Fiesta. So, that’s it really: less talk, more party!



Tame Impala

The band led by Kevin Parker has really come up with the goods on their new record Currents. There is less guitar than ever and Parker’s musical maturity, particularly when it comes to song-writing, shines through on the songs. If you like psychedelia, you really are in for a treat on this one.


Coming Home

Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges is a young musician who is a masterful singer of soul and gospel. Many believe he is here to step up and fill the legendary shoes of Sam Cooke. This debut album is a mixture of elegant soul and fast R&B. Both love ballads and hip-moving dance tunes have their place here. Smooth Sailin is an example of the latter. We are probably witnessing the birth of a major new soul star.


Nozinja Lodge


Musician Nozinja hails from the Shangaan ethnic group in South Africa. He started working in a mobile phone repair shop and that’s where he started creating the mix of electronic and local traditional music that make up the Shangaan Electro style. He was signed by record label Warp and he’s here with his first release. It’s happy, colourful and very much alive. There will be no rest for the wicked with these crazy dance rhythms.