the routine of the reporter    Every day we read the work of reporters who are writing from all over the world. When striking, unusual things happen they turn up in front of us. Because of force of habit, we always imagine them in the same way, that is, as they are during those two minutes they’re in the media. But when they are not in the other paper, what do reporters do? What is their daily life like? What are their routines like? Where do they work? We’ve got in touch with three of them. Journalists Ane Irazabal, Samara Velte and
Vanessa Sanchez, each in a different place and situation, have given us a photo each of their daily lives.
ane irazabal

The port at Catania. When 900 refugees died in the Mediterranean sea.

We itinerant journalists are often asked where we
like to work, where we edit and send our videos,
photos and articles from. Where our local “offices” are. For me, any place with a plug will do. I get on the Internet using my portable computer and conecting there the phone, so I’m really free to work anywhere at all, even when I’m running around in a hurry.

vanessa sanchez

Dongongjie Hutong (an alleyway).

People I see in Beijing every day. This is a photo I took this morning, but these men spend almost all day there. Old men sitting there, counting how many times people come and go while public lavatory workers clean up local people’s piss and crap. I can’t think of the word to describe the stench. Thousands and thousands of people still don’t have lavatories at home. It’s one of the things which has most surprised me since I’ve been here. China’s the world’s second largest economy... Going to the loo’s something they must think about twice in winter when it’s –10ºC!

samara velte

Bubble home.

Being a reporter’s living in a bubble. On short trips you submerge yourself completely for a few days in the world you want to get to know and tell people about. On long stays away from home, your house becomes your place of work and your job is your home. That’s why it’s important somebody bursts your bubble from the outside from time to time so that when you come back from each new world you have somewhere to go back to.