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new art spaces    I  scgalery, parafernalia eta javier cobo Lately, we have witnessed the creation of new spaces and galleries for street art. There are some places that have done huge work for art (Arteleku, Bilbao Art Foundation, Rekalde, Montehermoso...) but this time we would like to centre on private sector galleries who, on a smaller scale, have been set up with a distinct viewpoint on art. The niche these galleries and ‘spaces’ have carved out for themselves where unexplored. We’ve chosen two and rather than ask questions, we leave it to them to describe what they are all about. Parafernalia
Parafernalia is an "artist-run-space". That is to say, it’s space set up by skaterartist-organiser-DJ Mischa Canibal. On Fridays and Saturdays it becomes a guerrilla-shop and concerts and the presentations of different projects take place there. Parafernalia has nothing whatsoever to do with other spaces and places in the city. We hate any comparison with design studios, hairdressers or any other spaces that speculate with aesthetic gadgetry and machinery. Parafernalia aims to promote any project based on contemporary street culture. The space in the gallery is not limited to the mere walls of the premises. We’re continually looking out for new places and scenarios for innovative proposals. We’re sick to our back teeth of the speculators and the grandiose projects that have become main fare in Donostia, and even more so with the culture policies being pushed by EAJ. We’re more than ready to propose and carry out new innovative projects and ideas in this land where comfort and pessimism have become the norm.

Sc Gallery
The Sc Gallery is a place for any creativity, action, reflection and exhibiting any direct or indirect contemporary street art. Our programming is mainly aimed at local and international artists who work with the plastic arts. Along with graffiti artists we work with other artists who are involved in different types of free street art. We offer artists complete freedom when it comes to organising their exhibitions. They can use the walls of the gallery or whatever other means of support they feel necessary to exhibit their work or paintings. We don’t sell graffiti or street art. Street art belongs in the street, in liberty and for nothing, there for all to see and sometimes it needs to be illegal. In our gallery, we exhibit these artists’ studio work.