thebaldian: xi
Nixau was born in the Kalahari Desert. We don’t know when beca use the local people there do not register that kind of things.

At the end of the 70s, whilst out rushing around the Kalahari desert, he met South African filmmaker Jamie Uys.

Uys was looking for someone to play the starring role in his The Gods must be crazy and he convinced Nixau to take on the role in exchange for 300 dollars.

Nixau politely took the notes from Uys, but as soon as the director had left, he threw the money away.

The film was a massive success worldwide and Nixau
got to travel to a lot of places. The sequel was made in 1989 and he was the only actor to repeat.

A producer from Hong Kong bought the rights and Nixau appeared in Crazy Safari in (1991), Crazy Hong Kong in (1993) and The Gods must be crazy in China in (1994).

Nixau decided it was time to head home to the Kalahari and did so. He died there of tuberculosis in 2004.