neo rauch auf botzöw
In the streets of Berlin they put posters up without taking down the ones already up. It’s as if they were strata, witnesses to the past. It’s as if they were flysch, tokens of a dynamic culture. One of the last layers, one of those time machines in Trostrase Street, abducted me. I had what we might call a “rauchian” appearance. Neo Rauch auf Bötzow.

Botzöw is an old brewery which has been put to cultural use. Not something unheard of. Let’s just say the Berlin project is one which grows in response to what’s needed, and instead of destroying it they used this industrial heritage that adds value to it. It’s a place with its own character and personality. Suddenly I want to smoke a cigarette. Tomorrow I’ve got to go to the Neo Rauch exhibition at Botzöw announced on the poster.

We do know something about this Leipzig painter’s work: his paintings are big, his use of colour and chromaticism is original, combined with a lot of references to historical paintings. Neo Rauch must be the painter who’s taken in most contemporary painting tendencies and been able to do something of his own. But that’s just my opinion. Anyone who wants to know more about Rauch should find out for themselves. I can’t describe what I felt when I came across the exhibition at the Botzöw factory. And I wouldn’t if I could. What can I say about the Botzöw project?... It makes me want to smoke another fag. I’m going outside.

I didn’t have the balls to steal a painting, but the large, beautiful, unfolded poster by the door found its way back home with me.