tell me lies    This new group on our rock’n’roll panorama has got a lot of people talking since their first concerts. The musicians – who have all been in other groups previously – play direct, lively rock’n’roll-garage-punk-yéyé songs. The singer’s attitude gives Lie Detectors their final touch. There aren’t any secret ingredients. It’s just chemistry. Lie Detectors are going to get your feet moving and your throat sore.

Lie Detectors’ music and their wild shows was reason enough to invite them to the balde, but another thing about them caught our attention too. Lie Detectors bring out singles. On vinyl. Just like when music used to be important. In fact, just like when rock’n’roll used to be fun. In our country those were the times of radical Basque rock, when records not only held music but were also canvases for popular art. Comics, photo collages and graphics which broke with everything were on the sleeves and inside covers too. Lie Detectors have brought that back. Nowadays, when the Basque rock panorama seems to be so transcendental, if we had to do the polygraph prove... we would go with the Lie Detectors.